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News and Notices - Autumn 2017

By childshill, Nov 14 2017 10:21AM

1. At our recent inspection it was clear that not all plot holders realise that they are responsible for the paths around their plots. Grass should be kept short so it is easy and safe to walk down the path. You should either invest in the right equipment or borrow from a friendly plot holder!!

2. It was also difficult to walk down some paths due to overhanging brambles. These should not have been planted so close to the path, however at this time of year the old growth should be cut out and the new tied in, which hopefully will improve access next year.

3. As you will know, most tomatoes are now blighted. To reduce spread for next year, these plants should be burned or taken home to put in the green waste bin.

4. You may have noticed the post box on the main gate. The site now has a post code NW2 2NH

5. The first post we received was for a planning application for change of use of the commercial units overlooking the site to residential use

6. If you use the toilets and find the toilet roll is running out let me know as we do have replacements, text or call 07980 571086