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By childshill, Dec 9 2015 02:08PM

Sow Wild! is a ‘citizen science’ project, investigating the effects of wildflowers upon pollinator numbers in urban environments, run by researchers at University of Sussex. They hope the results will tell them more about how best to look after pollinators in our gardens and allotments.

This is how the project works:

1) You register your interest by 12th Feb 2016 by signing up using the link below.

2) You are sent a project pack, which includes a pack of wildflowers and sampling equipment.

3) You sow the ‘Sow Wild!’ wildflower seeds in your allotment or garden in early April 2016.

4) You sample insects in the wildflower patch in summer, using pan traps, and send them back to us.

5) We let you know what is pollinating your garden or allotment!

6) You repeat the sampling in summer 2017.

Before you sign up, we ask that:

1)You live within the UK.

2)You have an allotment or garden of minimum 20 square metres with space for a 2x2m wildflower patch.

3)You can sow the seeds during April 2016.

4)You can participate in sampling in May, June, July, and August 2016 and 2017 (you just set the traps and collect them again 48 hours later. You also take a digital photograph of the wildflower patch at the same time).

5)You are able to cover packaging and postage of the samples back to the University at the end of summer (the total cost is expected to be around £3 - £4).

6)You are aware of the ‘pan trapping’ sampling method this project involves - please see details below.

If that all sounds good, you can register your interest here:

Or if you have any problems with the survey, email Janine directly:

We have a limited number of packs of wildflower seed and sampling equipment. I do hope that everyone that expresses an interest will be sent a pack, but it might be the case that there are more volunteers than packs available. I will contact you in March with full details.

Thank you for your interest in our project!